Saturday, June 28, 2008

Little Village (minus the noodle) House

Another Hawaiian food blog! We ate in Hawaii's Chinatown a lot. This time Kreg and I are at Little Village Noodle House. We were attracted to Little Village because they had a pretty extensive vegetarian menu, plus they had green onion pancakes!

We decided on the green onion pancakes and tofu turnovers as our starters, followed by a noodle dish. Heck, the place has "noodle house" in it's name so you would think they'd be good. Since we couldn't decide on what noodle dish to order we asked for some suggestions. I really don't know what they said, but I heard tofu, vegetables and noodles ... sounds good to me!

The green onion pancakes were a little on the greasy side but for the most part, they were okay. They could not compare to the awesome scallion pancakes at Veggie Heaven in Teaneck, NJ. (We'll be heading there in September, and I can't wait!!! Best Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant... EVER!)

Next up tofu turnovers... these were tasty. They were similar to a large veggie dumpling, except the crust was flakey instead of doughy. The filling was a combo of tofu, chives and mixed veggies, and they were served with a garlicky ginger soy dipping sauce.

Our noodle entree was a disappointment. Nothing special here, some carrots and broccoli mixed in with your typical canned chinese vegetables ... bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and straw mushrooms. The noodles were okay, but not worth the calories for me. I'll stick with the appetizers.

Little Village
1113 Smith Street, Honolulu

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