Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a haiku for hellga

with your thunder thighs
you destroy your opponents
fierce viking hellga

Friday, January 4, 2008

we got one!!!!!

we've been having raccoon problems. big problems, like the coons using the pool and hot tub for their own private poopoo parties. it's friggin disgusting. how many times can i super-chlorinate the pool. i don't want to catch some kind of raccoon poo disease. we tried to deter them from going near the pool by putting up the baby gate. that didn't work... they just slip underneath it. so we've had to resort to trapping them. well, after catching our cat twice, we finally got ONE. i was really happy that the trap worked and that the raccoon will be relocated to a less suburban area (well, that's what the pest guy said). anyway, i'm feeling kinda guilty cause when i went to take the picture of the raccoon i could see he was pretty freaked out. i just hope he likes his new home and i hope his family joins him too!

super soup!

i'll write more later about my awesome veggie tom yum soup.