Monday, April 14, 2008


Things are finally starting to change at Starbucks. And I am so freaking excited. Not only did my drink get a buck cheaper (yay for the free soymilk & syrup shots!!!)

Now Buckys has TOP POT DONUTS!!! OMG. I am dying to try one of those delish looking creations. Too bad I'm on the points.

(I was going to get one tomorrow, but then I decided to check the nutritional info ... big mistake, ignorance would have been bliss. That donut has a whooping 480 calories! Yikes.)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

have you seen this gnome?

so, i brought a gnome into work for a coworker... he's decorating his office and i thought gnomie would make a great addition!

anyway, gnomie enjoys getting into trouble. check out this video.

that gnomie he's always into something!

well, after a few days of living it up at the office. gnomie has disappeared. a few days later the first photos of his exploits (and a ransom note) hit our inbox.

so, if you've seen this gnome. let me know.

he's been playing beer pong (looked like he lost cause he was passed out next to the keg), shooting guns and drinking rum. who knows what he is up to now.