Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"einstein" bagels, not so much.

i brought back a fun-filled treat to my workplace today. yes, bagel day has been reborn.

i thought a bagel might bring a little joy to our downtrodden staff. who doesn't like a bagel, right?

apparently quite a few likey the bagel and quite a few likey the free bagel. the kickoff was a success despite my monetary loss.

things i learned today:
1. bagel shop employees do not separate the everything bagels (and they polluted the whole bag! who wants a garlicky cinnamon raisin!!)
2. some people think we live in canada (had quite a bit of foreign coin in the till)
3. people are messy (way too much cross contamination between the cream cheese and the jelly)
and finally
4. some folks could care less about stiffing their fellow coworkers - it's not a free buffet, losers.

i'll continue with getting the bagels but no more top shelf schmears!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

about lattes

so what's with the latte in the title of my blog. well, here goes.

is it so hard for my buckys to make me a tall soy chai, no water, no foam, 200 freakin degrees?

apparently it is!

the baristas give me a hard time every time i order (which is at least 3x a week).

they seem to have a problem with the extra, extra hot soy. they claim if you steam it past 180 it curdles or the taste changes. umm, it's not dairy ... so no curdle. and if i like it that way, i must like the taste.

so, please give me my scalding hot latte and let me worry about burning my mouth!

another thing that chaps my ass is the fact that it costs extra to get soy milk and then they don't fill the cup all the way. umm, there's a lid on the cup ... so fill my drink UP! it's not gonna spill.

i love my bobas!

mmm, got tea? in tampa has got IT going on!!! those bubble teas are great. i ordered four bobas yesterday. kreg thought i was nuts, but that didn't stop him from trying all of them. we had two snow varieties, almond (awesome!!!) and chocolate mint (yucko.). after that we had two juice tea bobas, passion fruit (yum!) and then i did a little mixture of passion fruit and fresh squeezed grapefruit (super-duper yummmmm!!!). that one tasted like a saints alp juliet special. oh, and i tried the tofu nuggets ... another winner. so soft on the inside, yet crispy on the outside.

i love GOT TEA!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

black friday flop!

ok, so black friday is over. and you know what, it sucked!!! i did get a few things on my list, so that's good. but we ended up shopping at sawgrass mills and that place was INSANE!!!! never again. never!

kreg had to check out the vans outlet ... it was only like a 5 mile walk to get to the store and the mall was so freaking packed. people were like ants. so we get to vans and they have crap.

next stop, puma. the store was offering 40% off everything. to say the place was a madhouse is a total understatement. i have a sneaker fetish, so of course i wanted check out the sneaks but the lines were so long and the place was a shambles. you could hardly see the shoes, let alone try to try some on. it was nuts and we had to get out of there. a store employee had to clear a path for us, so we could leave.

we tried to go in to the gap, but when we saw the line wrap completely around the perimeter of the store only to get funneled into a queue that would rival the hottest ride at disney, we decided to bail!

so sawgrass was a bust. ikea was fine, no deals but i did get a new office chair. oh, and they threw me out, cause sake was with me!

gobble gobble

we celebrated our thanksgiving at sublime (a really cool vegan restaurant in ft. lauderdale). the food was awesome, well, except for the desserts, and we were able to sneak sake in. she was such a good girl, she slept in her bag and didn't make a peep.

it was the first time i've eaten in a restaurant on thanksgiving. it's weird not having any leftovers or the house smelling of food for two days, but it was fun and we had a totally vegan meal! the highlights: the stuffed gardien - totally yummy; and the mashed sweet potatoes with ricemellow topping - mmmm!

eventhough the meal was really good and we had a fun time, i prefer to stay home. next year, tofurkey, family and friends!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

black friday mania!!!!!

well, it's thanksgiving eve and we're getting fired up for some bargains. the only item i'd really like would be a 37" HD tv. target has a good deal, but will it be available online... i hope so.

i heard people are already waiting in line at bestbuy.


it's not like the deals are that great. i like a bargain, but my time is more valuable than saving a hundred bucks.