Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Amber Alert

Time is of the essence and my folks are on it.

Yesterday I had to go out on an assignment after lunch. So, I drive home and then have a coworker pick me up so we could go shoot some photos. Well, my folks decide to pull a pop-in on me ... I guess they expected me to be home since they saw my car in the driveway. They come into the house, the dogs are barking, they call out for me, no answer. Then they check the garage and see the scooter there, they think they see my handbag on the dining room table, and then the wheels in their senior-moment heads start spinning.

Where's kim, where's kim?

They call my cell phone a couple of times and no answer. Now they're really freaking out, they go outside to see if I'm face down in the pool, they check the bushes around the house ... they decide I must have been abducted.

Good thing they decide to call my cell one last time, AND I actually hear the ring and pick up. They were quite relieved to hear my voice, cause the next number they were dialing was 911. For real.

Why would they think of abduction first!!! They never even thought (1) call kreg at work, (2) maybe she went out with a friend, (3) maybe she walked some place (4) anything other than abduction! They're nuts!!!

See, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.