Monday, September 8, 2008


Ok, got shut out again!!! That friggin' Donut Plant has done it again. Last year, I made a special trip to go to donut mecca and guess what ... they were closed!!! Lesson learned, no donuts on Mondays.

So, this year on my annual trip to visit the inlaws, I decided to make the pilgrimage again (this time on a Wednesday). Guess what? They were CLOSED!!!! Again. Some lame note on the door about being on vacation. Well, F me. It's not in the cards. No Donut Plant donuts for me.

On a side note, I did have a very scrumptious donut in NY. It was an apple cider donut, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. So good!!! It wasn't right out of the fryer (the best way to enjoy country donuts), but it was still so fresh... so moist ... and just plain delicious. I found this treat at Roe's Orchard in Washingtonville(?), NY. Roe's is a farm stand with excellent local produce. We stopped in to get some corn and ended up with three bags full of veggies & treats (including the donuts)! Baked goods are only available on the weekends, so I was lucky to get those donuts!!